Turbulent Perfection//2013 Rochester Fringe Festival

Beneath the Lunar Tides//DanceSTRASSER


Peter Pan//New York State Ballet (Co-Choreographer)


Blue//Youth America Grand Prix (Top 12 Contemporary)

Gaisce//SUNY Brockport Graduation Dances

Haunt//Dance Days at Buffalo Choreographers Showcase

Masque of the Red Death//New York State Ballet

Cask of Amantillado//New York State Ballet


Varo//Youth America Grand Prix (Top 12 Contemporary)

Demons//Starbound Dance & Talent Competition (2nd Place Overall)

November Rain//New York City Dance Alliance (Outstanding Choreography Award)

Taking Flight//MAYHEM Dance

As Light Begins to Fade//New York State Ballet

Strong Hands, Gentle Heart//New York State Ballet

Strong Hands, Gentle Heart//2017 Rochester Fringe Festival

Somewhere In Between, 2019

Strong Hands, Gentle Heart, 2019

"His choreography is refreshing. Grounded in strong technique, his choreography challenges his dancers and delights audiences."
-Beth Fecteau, Artistic Director of Nacre Dance Group

Whispers//Starbound Dance & Talent Competition (1st Place Overall)

As Light Begins to Fade//Penfield Dance Team Showcase

Remain In My Heart//Vision of Sound Music & Dance Festival

Frazee Feet Dance: A Compilation of Choreography by Zachary Frazee//2018 Rochester Fringe Festival

            -Remain In My Heart

            -Taking Flight

            -As Light Begins to Fade

            -Cask of Amantillado

            -Strong Hands, Gentle Heart

            -Bach Gone Bad

            -My Darling Dear


Strong Hands, Gentle Heart//So You Think You Can Choreograph?

My Darling Dear//(un)Doing Balance Fundraiser

Masque of the Red Death//New York State Ballet

Bach Gone Bad, 2018


HeadRush//New York Grand Prix (Summer Scholarship & Invitation to Audition for Paul Taylor Dance Company)

Timeline//Youth America Grand Prix

Remain In My Heart//17th Annual Mid-Atlantic Choreographers Showcase

A Mirrored Path Leads Me//SUNY Fredonia Senior BFA Dance Concert

(fence)//NACHMO Studio Showings

Glass Seasons//Empire State Youth Dance Ensemble

Strong Hands, Gentle Heart//BANDchicago

Bach Gone Bad//Small Plates Choreography Festival

Somewhere In Between//2019 Rochester Fringe Festival

Grease: The Musical//OFC Creations

Newsies: The Musical//OFC Creations

Winnie the Pooh: The Musical//OFC Creations

The Nutcracker: Battle Scene//Saratoga City Ballet


As Light Begins to Fade, 2017

An Afternoon of Frazee Feet Dance//Frazee Feet Dance

            Excerpts from Somewhere In Between

            Strong Hands, Gentle Heart

            Bach Gone Bad

            HIM (work in progress)

SHIFT: A Dance Film//Frazee Feet Dance


            As The Rain Rolls In

            Softer Than Stone

Burning Embers//Lindenwood University Department of Dance



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