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Turbulent Perfection//2013 Rochester Fringe Festival

Beneath the Lunar Tides//DanceSTRASSER


Peter Pan//New York State Ballet (Co-Choreographer)


Blue//Youth America Grand Prix (Top 12 Contemporary)

Gaisce//SUNY Brockport Graduation Dances

Haunt//Dance Days at Buffalo Choreographers Showcase

Masque of the Red Death//New York State Ballet

Cask of Amantillado//New York State Ballet


Varo//Youth America Grand Prix (Top 12 Contemporary)

Demons//Starbound Dance & Talent Competition (2nd Place Overall)

November Rain//New York City Dance Alliance (Outstanding Choreography Award)

Taking Flight//MAYHEM Dance

As Light Begins to Fade//New York State Ballet

Strong Hands, Gentle Heart//New York State Ballet

Strong Hands, Gentle Heart//2017 Rochester Fringe Festival

Somewhere In Between 2019 (2).JPG

Somewhere In Between, 2019


Strong Hands, Gentle Heart, 2019

"Their choreography is refreshing. Grounded in strong technique, their choreography challenges their dancers and delights audiences."
-Beth Fecteau, Artistic Director of Nacre Dance Group

Whispers//Starbound Dance & Talent Competition (1st Place Overall)

As Light Begins to Fade//Penfield Dance Team Showcase

Remain In My Heart//Vision of Sound Music & Dance Festival

Frazee Feet Dance: A Compilation of Choreography by Zachary Frazee//2018 Rochester Fringe Festival

            -Remain In My Heart

            -Taking Flight

            -As Light Begins to Fade

            -Cask of Amantillado

            -Strong Hands, Gentle Heart

            -Bach Gone Bad

            -My Darling Dear


Strong Hands, Gentle Heart//So You Think You Can Choreograph?

My Darling Dear//(un)Doing Balance Fundraiser

Masque of the Red Death//New York State Ballet


Bach Gone Bad, 2018


HeadRush//New York Grand Prix (Summer Scholarship & Invitation to Audition for Paul Taylor Dance Company)

Timeline//Youth America Grand Prix

Remain In My Heart//17th Annual Mid-Atlantic Choreographers Showcase

A Mirrored Path Leads Me//SUNY Fredonia Senior BFA Dance Concert

(fence)//NACHMO Studio Showings

Glass Seasons//Empire State Youth Dance Ensemble

Strong Hands, Gentle Heart//BANDchicago

Bach Gone Bad//Small Plates Choreography Festival

Somewhere In Between//2019 Rochester Fringe Festival

Grease: The Musical//OFC Creations

Newsies: The Musical//OFC Creations

Winnie the Pooh: The Musical//OFC Creations

The Nutcracker: Battle Scene//Saratoga City Ballet


As Light Begins to Fade, 2017

An Afternoon of Frazee Feet Dance//Frazee Feet Dance

            Excerpts from Somewhere In Between

            Strong Hands, Gentle Heart

            Bach Gone Bad

            HIM (work in progress)

SHIFT: A Dance Film//Frazee Feet Dance


            As The Rain Rolls In

            Softer Than Stone

Burning Embers//Lindenwood University Department of Dance

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