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I am currently a Certified Pilates Instructor at Evolution Pilates of Rochester where I teach virtual and in-person private reformer and mat sessions and classes. I went through the Evolution Pilates Teacher Training for Dancers in 2019 which is a contemporary Pilates certification program geared specifically for dancers and movement practitioners.
Pilates is the perfect cross-training method for my dance career. It helps coordinate and balance the body in a low-impact way which is PERFECT for dancers and anyone looking to rejuvinate and refresh. It can be catered to any level and body type which makes it very inclusive and well-rounded. Pilates is for EVERYONE!
Have any questions about Pilates? Looking for in-person or virtual sessions? Send me an email at to discuss rates and availability!

Do you love movement? Looking for low impact workouts? Want to rejuvinate and revitalize your body?

You should try Pilates!

"Zach has the most perfect vibe. I always feel more at ease after their class."
-Client from Fitzsimmons Dance Factory
In the meantime, feel free to try out these FREE restorative Pilates classes to get a feel for my teaching style and method!
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