Robert Royce

Assistant Artistic Director of the New York State Ballet

"He is a joy to work with and investigates movement in an open and driven way."

Beth Fecteau

Artistic Director of Nacre Dance Group

"His choreography is refreshing. Grounded in strong technique, his choreography challenges his
dancers and delights audiences. He effectively communicates his movement demands to his
dancers with respect and efficiently and respectfully works with all administrative and theater

Rachel Keane

Artistic Director of Rachel Keane & Company, Dancer

"Zach has a great way of engaging the whole body and breathing life into the movement."

Sarah Rothrock-Rickel

Teacher, Choreographer

"Zach works well with all his dancers. His instruction is clear, intent of movement well described, and he has a palpable respect for the dancers present in all rehearsals and conversations... Zach, in the years I have known him, has worked in a consistent, dedicated manner on developing his craft, clearly showing the art of choreography to be a primary calling."

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